Rea1m's Terms of Service

Product Use

1a: A Rea1m product is property of Rea1m and RuneGlazeDonut. 

1b: By using a Rea1m product - You agree to only use it and not tamper with it in any way [Tampering is essentially changing the product slightly and claiming it as your own // Placing a virus within the code and distributing it under any alias that is not limited to Rea1m itself].

1c: Modification [Mod // Modding] of Rea1m products is allowed. A Github will be opened for every Rea1m product and from there other users can Mod the Product to have a specific feature and post it directly on [each] Github for others to download. Refer back to 1b for the Ruleset regarding this exception.

Games and Content Use

2a: Astral Realms is official property of RuneGlazeDonut.

2b: Eldermoor is official property of RuneGlazeDonut.

2c: Last Eden is official property of RuneGlazeDonut.

[ --Online Players TOS-- ] // Astralblock // Last Eden

3a: Enjoy the games. Ruining other players' experience is not cool.

3b: Since these Games are hosted on Roblox - You must follow the Roblox TOS.

[ --Games TOS-- ]

4a: Distribution of Assets is forbidden // Unless otherwise specified.

4b: Unlike Product Modding - Modification of a Game is banned // RuneGlazeDonut works tirelessly to make sure all games have the features they need/QoL fixes/etc, so Modding is not necessary.

4c: Offering your assistance on a Game is encouraged but you need the proper understanding of the game engines/programs used and what features are/can be implementable/make sense.


5a: Never Create // Sell // an Eldermoor Disk -- Most Disks are Free.

5b: Tampering // Loading into Editor // EDS Code is forbidden.

5c: Cheating // Non-Authorized Scripts // is forbidden for use with EDS.

6a: Hacking the Code // Stealing Code Content // is forbidden.