Poe CS Interrupt (Forest Temple)

You can interrupt the Poe Cutscene in Forest Temple with just a Bottle. Simply enter the scene, take a step and a half, drop contents, and quickly pick it back up. If successful - It'll glitch out the cutscene allowing link to move while it's playing. This is only useful for getting the B1 Golden Skulltula in 100% (No SRM).

Forest Medallion CS Skip

This cutscene skip is definitely a skip you want to learn, considering the Forest Medallion CS is just as long as the game itself.

Shadow Medallion CS Skip

There are a few ways to do this CS Skip, depending on Link's hearts. This gives you a variety of different Strats to skip the shadow medallion cutscene.

Shadow Medallion CS Skip with 3 Hearts and 2.5 Hearts

Shadow Medallion CS Skip with Half-Heart

Water Medallion CS Skip

No diagonal inputs.

Prelude CS Skip with Sun Song

It is possible to skip the Prelude cutscene with just Sun Song. The result of pulling out ocarina on the loading zone is quite funny and somewhat easy to pull off.

Spirit Medallion CS Skip

This skip is very picky. Majority of the time you'll end up back at the entrance with no Medallion. Nonetheless this setup works, just follow everything in the video below.