Aqua Escape

Using Aqua Escape you can get to Zora's River early, without needing Bombs. This is also very handy if you want to escape Kokiri Forest and go to Kakariko Village (For example).

There is a way to do this without the clip - and its with Navi Dive. 

Get up on the stone, face Link away from the water, and start backwalking off the ledge. The moment Link starts to fall backward - Jumpslash and mash C-up (to prompt Navi). If done successfully Link will fall to the bottom of the water and you can enter Zora's River through the intended loading zone.

King Zora Skip (As Child)

To skip King Zora as Child -  I use a glitch here called Ledge Cancel. You can achieve this with both Bombs and Bombchus as shown below.

Using a Bomb

Using a Bombchu

Door of Time Skip

This is THE biggest sequence break in all of OOT - The Door of Time Skip

DoT Skip can be done with Sword or Swordless, but in these examples we'll be covering the Lunge Storage methods (which uses Sword).

Recommended for Beginners

Traditional and Backup

Pokey Escape

You can get past Pokey in Kokiri Forest without needing to do Deku Tree. Pokey is the pesky guard that blocks your path to Hyrule Field. The best way to skip Pokey is to do the crouch stab method to clip into him, then a sneaky roll to bypass.

With Crouch Stab

Using "Rock Push"

Dodongo's Cavern Skip

You can skip the entirety of Dodongo's Cavern by using Bombchu's on the eyes instead of going through the entire Dungeon and bombing the eyes from up top.

Very important thing to note is the Ladder. Do NOT start climbing it when you drop the chus. Link will softlock during the bomb/skull cutscene(s).

B1 Skip (Deku Tree)

This skips the whole Basement Section of Deku Tree and enables you to get to Gohma quickly. In a speedrun this is ideal. There are a few ways to do this Skip but we'll be covering the "Weeb Jump", which is easy once you get the hang of it.