Additionally you can view Rea1m's Trello and GitHub to see other stuff in the works.

But feel free to browse here too. The Forge stays updated, sort of.

Rea1m will be releasing 2 more Apps: "Calculate and Banker" over the next little while. To get you prepped for these new Apps, here's an overview for both of them.


This is simply just a Calculator used for quick and easy Math.


The introduction to Rea1m Currency simply named "Gold" and a Premium Currency you can use for great rewards and benefits.


Keep track and save all Rea1m Articles by searching keywords.

Some of Rea1m's games are hosted on Roblox, check them out below.

  1. Astralblock
  2. Last Eden [ New! ]


Traverse lost islands throughout The Astral, a vast land that once was a thriving ecosystem - shattered by the Imperial Order.

Last Eden

Get lost in Astral Space, a large Empire with hidden treasures. Armed with your Space Pod - Scavenge Astral Space with all sorts of Ship Upgrades, Mine Meteors, and Hack Encrypted Containers.

The Eldermoor Disk System (EDS) is a Disk-based RPG System. So what is a "Disk System"? Well EDS is made-up of a Main Disk, called the Heroes Hall, and within this "disk" you can create a Hero and embark on many adventures. How does it work? The Heroes Hall has many options and 2 of those options are "Boot Adventure Disk" and "Boot World Disk"; With these options you can "boot" external Disk Files with the Heroes Hall and play them.

A couple of things to note: