Ocarina of Time SRM

Setting up Lightnode SRM

Step 1: Movement

First collect all the Blue Rupees in Kokiri Forest and clear the bushes outside of the crawlspace. You should have 55 Rupees upon entering the shop.

Buy a Deku Shield (40) and 5 Deku Nuts (15).

Next, move Mido and backwalk down the hallway.

Link should look like the screenshot upon sidehopping towards the Baba's.

Step 2: Getting Return A

Sidehop to the Baba loading zone.

To get Return A -  press C-up + Shield + Target in the same frame as the Baba spinning.

Upon succession, the camera will be frozen in place.

Got Return A

Lost Return A

If Link touches water or falls off a ledge - You'll lose Return A.

You'll need to enter the shop and perform the Return A setup again if you lose Return A.

"Return A" Movement

The next bit of movement can be tricky so follow my lead.

After getting Return A - Move Link to the hallway after Mido then proceed with the movement shown below.

Sidehop against the wall here

Backflip onto this platform

After Sidehop 1

After Sidehop 2

Backflips across platforms

With a series of backflips and sidehops - You can move Link across Kokiri Forest while still keeping Return A.

Our Goal is to get Link to the crawlspace.

Step 3: WWT / Rock Circle

Walking While Talking (WWT)

Upon leaving the crawlspace - There's a slight cutscene. We're going to manipulate that cutscene so Link reads the sign but can clear it with a Deku Nut. Advance the text with C-Up.

Keep targeting the sign and buffer a backflip + target release over the nearby fence.

Link should look something like this. My angle was slightly off but you get the point.

From here its just a series of sidehops to the Rock Circle in front of Mido's House, where the voodoo magic occurs.

Notes that there is a ledge where the path goes down a hill; You want to avoid that because it will make you lose Return A.

Frame 1 of Side-slash

Frame 2 of Side-slash

Frame-By-Frame of the SRM Initiation

Link's position matters a lot in this setup. If you don't grab the rock, you'll do a jumpslash. In which case you'll need to enter Mido's house and do the Return A/WWT setup again.

You want to do a side-slash. On the 2nd Frame - Mash A and hold Right. Link should grab the rock for the next phase of SRM.

Step 4: SRM Initiation

What a nice scenery.

This is what successful SRM initiation looks like.

I go behind the shop with the Rock, which is a little slower compared to in front;

But front of the shop takes a lot of practice - Back of the shop is for safety mostly.

Rock Movement (Back of Shop)

Hold Up-Right until Link disappears, count to 10 as if you were a clock, then quickly switch to Right, Down-Right, Right, Down-Right, when the map pops up for a split second - Switch to Up-Right for 3 seconds, then fully Up until Link clips.

Step 5: Angle Setup

Beautiful, isn't it?

This is the Magic Rock. It can do either 1 of 2 things: Crash your Wii or Do some funky Voodoo Magic.

Best way to prevent a crash is to practice the Angle Setup.

Face Link to the wall, wait for the camera to pan, then hold ESS Up.

You'll notice the camera micro-adjusting itself. Once that's done - Move Link down a step then face Up. From here its just 2 Right ESS Turns to get the angle "aca0".

Depending on the speedrun is what you do after you shield-drop the rock.

For these Speedrun's you'll need a specific Filename which can be found at the bottom of Resources 

Any% SRM

Upon shield-drop - Roll into the Baba Loading zone as quick as possible to do the Credits Warp or get Kekbro'ed.


Upon shield drop - Roll to the Deku Tree and enter its unloaded mouth. When the scene loads Link will have Biggoron Sword on B, Cojiro, and 0 Deku Nuts equipped.

[ Note ] Missing the Filename for this Speedrun in Resources.

Defeat Ganon SRM

Upon shield-drop - Roll to the Deku Tree and enter its unloaded mouth. You'll Wrong Warp to the end of Tower Collapse.

Ganon as Adult

Upon shield-drop - Roll into the Baba Loading Zone then back into the Kokiri Forest Loading Zone, re-enter the Baba Loading Zone and Die (No Save/No Continue). You'll Wrong Warp to the middle of Hyrule Field as Adult, use C-Right to play Nocturne which Wrong Warps you to the end of Tower Collapse (Inside Ganon's Castle).