Getting the FDS to work on PC

Wanna play some retro games? The Famicom Disk System has you covered!

First, Download the FDD Rom

Then proceed to the next step..

Next up you want an Emulator

Not just any Emulator, though. You'll need an Emulator capable of NES Emulation.

In which case - Bizhawk 2.3 is the best option, and it's Speedrun Legal for most games!

Final Step: Hooking up the FDS

Open up Bizhawk. Under Config is a Firmware option, click it to open a window.

In this window you can set all the BIOS' for Bizhawk's Firmware here. Simply go to the top option and right click, then click where it says "Set Customization". You'll have the option to put in the BIOS and after doing so - Presto! You can now play FDS games on your PC.

If you have a controller - Bizhawk fully supports controller capabilities, so even if you have a USB Controller - It'll still work.